Derek Slevin has mastered the art of baring his soul through the lens of his camera, producing photographs that are intimate and riveting.

Slevin, born into a middle class family in New York, did not get his first camera until the age of seventeen. After his father suddenly passed away, he was searching for ways to cope with his loss and move on with his life. By chance, he picked up his father’s camera from a box of possessions and unexpectedly found solace through its lens. It was then that he discovered his love of photography.

Slevin decided to attend photography school in Colorado, and it was apparent from the beginning he possessed a unique talent. Although he was proving himself as a more than capable photographic artist, after several months at school his family urged him to find a career that would lead to a path of economic independence. As much as he displayed extraordinary talent and had a passion for photography, he felt pressured and made a difficult decision. He transferred to a university in New York and graduated with a degree in business. From there Slevin entered the business world and did not pick up a camera for many years.

Several years ago, Slevin was again drawn to the camera and was encouraged by his friends to start where he left off. Since then Slevin, has been shooting almost non-stop. At the present, his collection is focused on Fine Art and Documentary photography. Mostly self-taught, Slevin works hard at his craft. His dream is to share his unique vision with others and eventually expand the scope of his photographic endeavors.

In 2010, Slevin undertook an ambitious project working with homeless people in their environments. As part of this effort, Slevin has traveled up the west coast and locations in the eastern part of the country. He is scheduled to complete this journey at the beginning of 2014, calling it “one of the most exciting challenges of my life.” Photographic and story highlights from Portraits of the Forgotten, the title of his upcoming book may be seen on Facebook and other social media platforms. Images from Portraits of the Forgotten are receiving critical acclaim, with several photographs winning awards.

While Slevin continues to expand his collection of photographs and share his work, he is also collaborating with several key charitable organizations. He supports a wide range of causes, but his true passion lies in promoting healthy communities and raising the profile of important environmental issues. Through his art, Slevin shares the natural beauty of our world and hopes others develop an appreciation of our environment.

When asked to explain his passion for photography, he notes, “For me artistic independence is the freedom to photograph the moment. I see the beauty or reality in things. Photography allows me to express myself artistically while sharing my inner vision. It’s a chance for me to share my soul.”

Derek is loving life and shows no signs of slowing down in his quest of photographic marvels.


“Your images are powerful and direct and emit the presence of the people you have photographed and suggest their experiences which means to me you have captured more than form you have captured unspoken content."

Jeremy Kagen, Emmy Award Winning Film and Television Director, Writer and Producer

“These are powerful photographs that tell a story that must be told."

Christine Schanes, Huffington Post

“These images are quite powerful… each one seems to reflect the personality he captured on 'film'. Derek has a perceptive eye indeed. What a way to honor the humanness in these people, regardless of how they got where they are. It could be quite humbling to the rest of us if we could read the stories and see the faces with our hearts."

Diana Shay Diehl, Mohave Light Studio