Full Bloom

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I have spent my entire life walking past a world hidden from me but always in plain view.

It sounds strange, but when I discovered the existence of these sweet smelling flora, it was as if a new world was before me.  I was a traveler exploring a strange, fantastical new world for the first time.  The beauty, colors, shapes, and elegance of the botanical wonders I was photographically exploring, amazed me.  I gazed in amazement as the flowers I photographed withstood wind, rain, cold, heat, and human interaction, bending gently with grace and untold strength to with stand harsh conditions.  They are a home to insects and fauna who seek nourishment, but also garish lairs where insects hide to pray on unwary victims drawn to their florid beauty.  Flowers suffused with life, they are Gentle Giants in a hidden, magical world.

One doesn't have to go far to experience wonder.

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